Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics:


Social Services


Ιn the framework of its multi-faceted approach to patients as well as implementation of internationally acclaimed research confirming that the disease is a combination of social and psychological individual issues, beyond physical disability, the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics set up a Social Services Office in 1993. It’s been integrated into the outpatient department and is made up of a qualified social worker.


The Social Worker performs an applied science through this service, that is based on scientific principles and professional ethics aimed at providing support for individuals, families and any group so they can manage to build up the strength which will allow them the ability to creatively enjoy the benefits of their social environment and growth, be they financial, social or cultural. This will be an added value and source of empowerment so they can fulfill their goals in parallel.


Τhe Social Service develops the following course of action:

  • Provides the necessary emotional support so the patients and their families can adapt to the new realities of their illness.
  • Ιt informs patients about the extent and nature of the services provided both at a local (district) as well as state level, with a complete explanation of the rights, opportunities and commitments that these patients might have.
  • The social worker makes house calls to establish the socio-economic circumstances under which the patient is living and offer advice that can improve their accommodation conditions for example.
  • It coordinates a group of volunteers that is made up from members of the National Volunteers Coordinating Council. Ιt secures assistance from volunteers that have previously being adequately trained on what being a volunteers means and most importantly about the health particularities of the people they will be providing care for.

Ιn order to provide all the services referred above, the social worker cooperates with various services both at a local (district) and state level. Τhe most necessary ones include:

  • Social Welfare Services,
  • Social Security Services,
  • Department of Social Integration for people with Disabilities,
  • Patient Associations.
  • Τhe Social Worker provides counseling, guidance and maintains daily cooperation with all involved services in order to manage all patient needs and requests accordingly.

Contact the Institute of Neurology and Genetics Social Worker:

Μarina Pavlou
Social Worker
Clinical Department of Institute of Neurology and Genetics
Phone no: 22 392 732
Fax no: 22 392 786